EST. 2011

About Tank's Pizza
For those who wonder why Tank's, In 2007 Tank Mason (our english bulldog) became the newest member of our already fur filled family. We decided to give our resturant a name that can uphold a passion for food. And well with the way that dog eats, (there is no secret he Loves food.) So we have a constant reminder to put a little love and finess in every dish. Our most important goal is customer satisfaction. We are an establishment where all are welcome, so come as you are and enjoy.

Tank's Pizza is family-owned and operated right here in San Antonio, Tx. Our goal is to treat every customer like family. Our passion is cooking, and we pride ourselves in being able prepare our food with  fresh ingredients, that comes with a personal touch.  
Owner and head pizza engineer, Nick prepares every dish with care to ensure our customers enjoy the best dining experience possible. Casual, everyday style food made from fresh ingredients for the end result of some darn good cooking.